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Happy International Women's Day!

Hello and Happy International Women's Day for you all!

Talking about International Women's Day, let us take you to our tea plantation, to show something special there related to the right of women.

Here, at our tea plantation, most of the tea pickers are women. They are mostly married and have children. Therefore, taking care of the children while doing the job becomes their main problem.

Here comes the special part.

Back to the colonial era, the Administrateur of tea plantation really concerned about this problem faced by the tea pickers. He realized that his female workers could not perform well if they were thinking about their children while working. So, the workers' children were also his responsibility.

Then he made a decision to build a daycare center. Not only the building, but also the system. He hired professionals to take care of the children. When the daycare center was ready, the female workers placed their children at 6.30 AM and picked them up at 11.30 AM as they finished work. That way, they could perform just as well as their male collages.

The daycare system   has still been continuing long after the colonial era. We now can find a daycare in almost every tea plantation belong to Walini. We support the equality, inclusiveness, and no discrimination world against women. And we can #EmbraceEquity for all the women in Walini.